The aPolitical is India’s only web news portal providing news, views and analysis from the rights perspectives.

The need for independent news, views, and analysis more than ever before is a common refrain often heard in India. India’s political landscape has been all about a contest between the leftists and the rightists, liberals and illiberals, secularists and communal, nationalists and anti-nationalists, and so on and so forth. Businessmen owning the media houses, media persons becoming politicians, politicians or political parties owning media houses or mouthpiece of a particular party or ideology masquerading as independent media are nothing new. However, when the absence of shrill is considered sane, digital technology provides the opportunity to deliver independent, impartial and objective news, views and analysis.

The aPolitical launched on 1st June 2017 is committed to providing independent, impartial and objective news reporting, analysis and opinion on issues of national, regional and international relevance. It is driven by the fact that news making is no longer the forte of the traditional media houses or the new age media with a tinge of political or ideological or economic persuasions.

The aPolitical is published by Periphery Media Pvt Ltd.

Shyamal Bikash Chakma
Public Editor
The aPolitical