India “deeply dismayed” by extension of Emergency in the Maldives

India has expressed displeasure over extension of the State of Emergency in the Maldives for another 30 days despite its appeal not to do so.

In a statement issued today, India’s Ministry of External Affairs stated, “We are deeply dismayed that the Government of Maldives has extended the State of Emergency for a further 30 days. The manner in which the extension of the State of Emergency was approved by the Majlis in contravention of the Constitution of Maldives is also a matter of concern.”

“The consequent delay in the resumption of the political process and the continuing suspension of the functioning of democratic institutions including the judiciary is likely to further delay restoration of normalcy in Maldives. It is important to ensure that all democratic institutions are allowed to function in a fair and transparent manner in accordance with the Constitution,” the MEA further said.

Earlier on Tuesday, India wanted President Abdulla Yameen not to extend the State of Emergency.

But the Maldives’ Parliament illegally passed the motion proposed by President Abdulla Yameen to extend the State of Emergency by another 30 days without having the requisite quorum.

Article 87(b) of the Constitution states that “voting on any matter requiring compliance by citizens shall only be undertaken when more than half of the total membership of the People’s Majlis are present at the sitting at which the matter is voted upon.” The People’s Majlis is composed of 85 members. The motion was passed with the presence of only 38 Members of Parliament despite 43 lawmakers being needed for the vote to take place as required by the Constitution. The opposition had boycotted the vote.

The President’s Office said the Parliament also decided to seek legal advice of the Supreme Court under Article 95 of the Constitution “in relation to the questions raised by some of the members of Parliament with regard to the Parliament’s quorum.”

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