Kabul: 7 killed in suicide bombing targeting Afghan clerics who issued “fatwa” against suicide bombings

At least seven people have been killed and nine wounded in a suicide attack near a gathering of over 2,000 religious scholars at Polytechnic University in Kabul shortly after they issued a “fatwa” against war and suicide bombings in Afghanistan.

“The suicide attack happened outside the (Loya Jirga) tent when religious scholars were leaving the gathering,” Kabul Police spokesman Hashmat Stanikzai said.

The Interior Ministry said the suicide attack happened when the Afghan religious scholars were leaving the event at Loya Jirga tent.

The Afghan religious scholars from around the country had just issued a fatwa, an Islamic directive, on Monday, saying “the ongoing war in Afghanistan is illegitimate and has no root in the Sharia law”.

For years, Afghanistan has been plagued by violence and militants often use suicide bombers in the name of Jihad (holy war) to impose Islamic rule.

“War in its all types is illegal according to Sharia and Islamic laws and it is nothing but shedding the blood of Muslims,” the religious scholars said in the fatwa.

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