Pak Supreme Court halts execution of woman who was tortured by police to insanity

Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Friday halted the execution of Kaniz Fatima, a mentally unstable woman, according to Dawn. The Court also reviewed the death sentence of another mentally ill death row convict Imdad Ali.

The top court ordered that the woman is provided medical treatment, and a medical board has been constituted to assess her mental condition.

“Neither reason nor sensibility allow me to believe that we can execute a mentally ill or disabled person,” Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar observed while passing the order.

The Chief Justice also said that international legal systems have forbidden the execution of mentally ill persons.

Fatima’s case came to light recently when a plea for clemency written by her father was translated and published by

In the clemency letter, Fatima’s father had described in detail how she was tortured by police to the point of insanity when she was only 16 to obtain a false ‘confession’ in a murder case.

As per the translated report, the police hung her from a fan with ropes, beaten, mice let loose in her pants and repeatedly electrocuted to extract a confession.

Fatima has already spent 29 years in prison. While her father passed away two years ago.

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