US-North Korea Summit: US considers opening embassy in Pyongyang

What would the United States give North Korea in return for denuclearization?

The Donald Trump administration is said to have begun to study incentives to be offered to North Korea at the upcoming summit with the North if Pyongyang takes concrete actions toward its denuclearization, South Korean newspaper The Dong-A Ilbo daily reported on Thursday.

The US has been opposing North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s call for “progressive and synchronous” denuclearization measures, emphasizing “unconditional denuclearization.” As Washington has verified Kim’s commitment to denuclearization once again during the ongoing working-level contact with the North, the Trump administration appears to be discussing detailed action plans that would prompt Pyongyang to take substantial action to denuclearize.

Quoting multiple sources in the South Korean government, the paper reported that Washington is considering ways to achieve “partial normalization” of its relations with Pyongyang within this year if the Trump-Kim summit becomes successful. It stated that as North Korea demanded Washington to provide a full guarantee of Kim Jong-un’s regime during the working-level contact, Trump administration has started to study how it can ensure the guarantee.

It is said that the Trump administration has offered to open liaison offices in Pyongyang and Washington, start humanitarian aid to the North, and establish embassies in both countries. However, the option of economic assistance, including easing sanctions on North Korea, is said to have been excluded for now.

Meanwhile, South Korea’s top national security adviser is visiting Washington to meet his US counterpart John Bolton, the White House said.

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