NHRC interventions on human rights protection must not be interpreted as anti-government: Justice Dattu

In his message on the occasion of international human rights day, the chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) said that the interventions made by the Commission for the protection of human rights in the country should not be viewed on interpreted as anti-government but should be seen and supported as guidance towards ensuring good governance.

“The Commission rededicates itself to continue this mission, as per its mandate, to raise concerns on any action, policy or law, which impinge on human rights in the country. To this effect, the interventions of the Commission should not be seen and sought to be interpreted having an adversarial role to the functioning of governments. The interventions of the Commission should, in fact, be seen and supported only as guidance towards ensuring good governance for which, the State has a Constitutional obligation,” Justice HL Dattu remarked in a statement issued on Saturday.

Every year 10 December is observed as “Human Rights Day” across the world to mark the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

“The Day reminds us that human rights are our basic rights. These include our right to live with liberty, equality and dignity, our right to health, education, freedom of speech and thoughts, Justice Dattu added.

He also said that the occasion provides us an opportunity for re-motivating ourselves to use our freedom to stand up not only for the protection of our rights but also of others.

“If we follow our duties as a citizen, our human rights will automatically get protected. And for this, we must, first, remember to respect the rights of others. We must ensure that in exercise of our freedom we do not violate others’ lawful and natural rights. I am sure, many incidents of human rights violations, which we witnessed in the past, may have not happened, if we were little careful on these counts,” he continued.

Justice Dattu highlighted that the Constitution of India makes the protection of human rights a Constitutional obligation for the citizens as well as the governments elected by them.

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