NHRC ordered compensation of Rs. 2.59 cr in 46 rights violation cases last month

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has recommended monetary relief of Rs. 2.59 crore in as many as 46 cases of human rights violations across the country last month.

As per statistics for the month of March, the Commission registered a total of 6,045 cases of human rights violations. These included 2 cases of death in police custody, 106 cases of death in judicial custody, 11 cases of death in police encounter, 28 cases of bonded labour, 84 cases relating to children, 519 cases relating to women, 185 cases relating to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward castes, and 5,110 cases of other violations.

The commission also registered 9 suo-motu and 4 cases related to the violation of rights of the human rights defenders.

The number of cases saw a decrease over the previous month. The commission had registered a total of 6,246 cases of human rights violations in the month of February 2018.

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