Arunachal Pradesh: Non-APST communities demand permanent residential certificates

A number of communities of Arunachal Pradesh, who are not recognized as Scheduled Tribes in the State, on Sunday organized a peaceful rally demanding permanent residential certificates (PRCs) in Lekang circle in the State’s Namsai district.

The Non-APST communities who have been demanding PRCs include Deori, Adivasi, Moran, Mishing, Ahom, Kachari, etc living in Lekang circle for decades.

The protestors accused the Deputy Commissioner of the district of sitting over a memorandum submitted a long time ago.

                                                   A view of the mass rally

A two-day ultimatum has been served to fulfil their demand. In case, no favourable action is taken, the protestors have said that they will be forced to start a mass democratic movement.

It is pertinent to mention that violence erupted in Namsai town during a pro-PRC rally organized in October 2010 after then chief minister Late Dorjee Khandu led government revoked a decision to issue PRCs to non-APSTs.

More than 70 people were injured during clashes.

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