Political party launches campaign against Mizoram Govenor Kummanam Rajasekharan

A day after Kummanam Rajasekharan was sworn in as the 23rd Governor of Mizoram on Tuesday, a political party launched a campaign to force him to leave the state at the earliest due to his alleged “anti Christian” activities in his home state Kerala despite the newly appointed Governor assuring the people that he will play “apolitical” role and work “with people from all walks of lives, irrespective of political affiliations.”

Speaking to reporters after the oath-taking ceremony, Governor K Rajasekharan was quoted by The Telegraph as saying, “This is the first time I am holding the post of governor. I will try my level best for welfare and well-being of the people of Mizoram. My main aim is to develop Mizoram, promote education, trade and commerce besides agriculture.”

“I will not get involved in active politics but will abide by the ethics of the governor’s office,” he added.

Earlier, he had tweeted that “Hence forth my role is apolitical. Looking forward to working with people from all walks of lives, irrespective of political affiliations. I have always worked with the downtrodden- working for them galvanizes me- this will continue till the last of my breath.”

However, the People’s Representation for Identity and Status of Mizoram (PRISM), a newly floated political party, on  Wednesday asked him to leave the state, expressing apprehension over his alleged anti-secular activities in his home state Kerala.

The PRISM wrote to Mizoram Kohran Hruaitute Committee (MKHC), a conglomerate of 13 major churches in Mizoram, all political parties and civil society organisations to launch joint campaign to remove Rajasekharan as Governor.

“We all know that Mr. Kummanam Rajasekharan was newly sworn in as the Governor of our state. He is well-known for his anti-secularism that goes against the Indian Constitution. He has been a hardcore member of RSS, Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Hindu Aikya Vedi; well known as being against Christian missionaries and Christians in general. He was the general convener of Nilakkal Action Council and was directly instrumental in the Nilakkal Hindu-Christian conflict of 1983,” PRISM said in a statement issued jointly by its president Vanlalruata and general secretary Lalrinzuala Chawngthu, as reported by The New Indian Express.

The statement further added, “Rajasekharan was also one of the key accused when American Christian missionary, Joseph Cooper, was attacked and injured, and was actively involved in attempting to drive out about 50 Christian missionaries they had listed in 2003. He was the person who had asked the then Governor to take action against the then Chief Secretary when Kerala Chief Secretary delivered God’s word in the bicentenary celebration of Malankara Orthodox Church in 2015”.

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