Nearly 1,000 persons executed globally last year, says Amnesty

Amnesty International has recorded 993 executions across the world in 2017, down by 4% from the previous year of 1,032.

In a report released last week, London-based organisation said that the number of executions carried out globally continued to decrease from 2016 into 2017 but added that these totals do not include the thousands of executions carried out in China, where data on the use of the death penalty remained classified as a state secret.

The report stated that more than half (51%) of all recorded executions were carried out in Iran, which together with Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Pakistan carried out 84% of the global total.

Amnesty recorded executions in 23 countries, the same number as in 2016.

Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) resumed executions in 2017 after a hiatus, the report said. While it did not record executions in five countries − Botswana, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan and Taiwan − that carried out executions in 2016.

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